Client [3778] Comes to the box

  Box  [FCAE] Someone is rustling behind the thin wall as she hears the door open. The room is very heated, almost sauna like, and a heavy, biting scent of sweat is in the air, almost fogging. Almost on par with the scent you would get from shoving your nose into a human armpit - intense, a little bit biting, but still somewhat pleasant if you are in for the ride. 
[color=black]"Hello?"[/color] The voice is mature, deep and a bit smokey, and her hooves clack on the wooden ground as she comes closer to the hole, height of her waist. The guest can see the flash of white fur with black stripes in the dimlight, before she goes on her knees and patiently waits for her guest to undress and act.

Client [3778] Someone gasps breathlessly as she opens the door to the sauna-like room, coughing at the hot, damp, musky air that was dripping with the unmistakable scent of a sweaty ass. "Oh~-F-fuck!" she whimpers as she coughs from the scent, her breath shuddering as she was not expecting such an atmosphere. "Oh! H-hiya, Miss!" she replies, her voice trembling struggling to breathe normally as well as from excitement. "Oh! Oh my~" she says after letting out a surprised yelp at the sound of hooves clacking on the other side of the wall, as well as the flash of what are clearly zebra stripes.
The stranger turns and shuts the door behind her, locking it as she feels a bit greedy. Light footsteps can be heard clicking towards the wall, along with the sounds of fabric shuffling and those foot steps stumbling as the visitor takes off at least her pants. "I can't believe it~" she moans to herself as she squats down in front of the hole, and as much of her pale human face with hot pink painted lips presses against the hole, nostrils flaring as she huffs the musk from the other side of the wall, lips open with tongue licking them, leaving behind a coat of drool.

  Box  [FCAE] Someone started to slowly get on their knees, as they got met with the face on the other side. Her body was not stopping, fur glistening in sweat, almost steaming this place up with deep anthro pheromones. Her massive body was [b]radiating[/b] heat, so even though the stranger could not see it, she could feel a bit of the movement on the other side, just by the direction from where the heat was coming from...and it was coming closer. 
[color=black]"You better believe it...Are you...allright? Come here ~"[/color] and instead of just pushing her holes against the all too willing face, the stranger could hear the motherly zeeb groaning, squatting, and a wet, flexible, and giant tongue met her own, almost the size of a precious cock but much more skillful, the mare behind the wall tried to invade her mouth and sharing a lewd snout kiss. She was also a little bit curious if the incoming stranger was a human or not, and tried to find out with this lewd kiss before they would get into the real steamy things ~

Client [3778] Someone moans, feeling the stranger on the other side getting closer, though it takes her a moment to realize that she can feel the body heat of the stranger getting closer and closer to her little face, gasping in anticipation as well as the increased intensity of musk coming from the other side of the wall. "Mmm, more than alright~" she begins to say, shuddering at the motherly tone of the zebra. She shudders, pressing her pale, human face as much to that hole as she can, waiting to see what would be put to her lips first. "Oh!" she gasps in surprise as she feels that tongue suddenly pressing to her lips and tongue, thinking it was a cock until it started to fill her mouth, feeling it begin to lick and curl around inside her mouth in the way only a tongue would. She groans, opening her mouth as wide as she can, letting that tongue invade and explore her mouth, her own tongue licking at that tongue as if it was a cock, lips eventually wrapping down around to suck on it. "Mmmm~" The young voice can be heard and felt moaning on that tongue, as well as the sound of her fingers rubbing on the wall as she braces herself with her hands against it.

  Box  [FCAE] Someone kissed with so much experience, it was clear as day that this was not the Zebra's first rodeo in this nasty gloryhole. Leftovers from her former visitors could be seen here, dried pussy juice and cum stains on the wall and floor, adding up to the perverted, [b]forbidden[/b] feeling. Her tongue was pushing in deep, almost trying to get that gag reflex going, before she was more gentle and licked around, just pulsing little waves of curious exploration through her tongue, gently slobbering the inside while feling the stranger's moans in her tongue, answering it with her own. Still, while she enjoyed this kiss, she seemed to be unable to gather any information about the nature of her visitor, so she gently pulled back, huffing, tongue drooling between her tits and the hooves getting pulled into a little better position, as she tried to get up and put her massive body against the wall while doing so.
The note of the sweat changed a bit, from raw, intense, biting musk into a little sweeter, pheromone loaded reek of fertility, basically fogging around her fured body. [color=black]"Ready, cutie? ~"[/color]

Client [3778] Someone moans, not only seeing the stains of previous visitors on the wall and around the hole, but feeling them as well as she presses her face up against that hole as tightly as she can. That tongue was easily able to find the girl's throat at the back of her little mouth, causing her to jolt and swallow at the tip of that tongue as it causes her to gag. She tenses up, resisting the urge to pull away, instead letting the zebra explore her mouth and throat as much as she can. She moans on that tongue, feeling it licking around inside her mouth, that big equine tongue filling her nearly completely as her much smaller tongue squirms against it. "Mmnnnunnmmm~" she continues to moan while sucking, if someone were to come into the room they would easily assume she was throating a cock pushed through from the other side instead of a tongue as she alternates between holding still and letting the tongue lick around inside and actively sucking on it. What she could tell from the kiss is the stranger is indeed human, and likely on the younger side as her light whimpers and gags, as well as the size of her little mouth would indicate.
She can't help but whimper and pout as that tongue withdraws from her mouth, tongue and lips trying to chase after it even as she knows that surely something else would replace the stranger's mouth soon. The girl is already drooling quite a bit, strands of drool connecting her lips and tongue to the stranger's until they break and drape down over her chin and neck. She lets out a little gasp, feeling and hearing the wall shifting as the stranger makes the size of her body apparent from leaning against the wall, and she shudders as she imagines how tall the zebra must be. Her nostrils flare out even more, detecting the slight change in musk, trying to recognize the smell to guess what would be put to her drooling little mouth next... "Y-yes Miss I'm ready for anything~"

  Box  [FCAE] Someone turned around as she heard the call from the other side of the wall. Okay. That was it. Something that actually never happened before. She had been visiting this glory hole for quite some time, if not years, and all the time she had been cleaning nasty and stinky cocks, grease covered asses and unwashed, muffed vaginas. She has been fucked countless times, but no one ever showed admiration for her fat ass and that puffy, twitching donut that was placed right in the heat center of those extraordinary, massive ass cheeks. Her heart was pounding a bit, and as she got up, turned around, and lifted her tail, the scent in the room changed once more. From the sweet pheromones of her pussy, signaling her fertility and in general ability to get bred to the moon and back, it turned now to something...[b]darker ~[/b]
The softer notes vanished and something bitter, slightly burning replaced it. The little fog cloud that waved out as she spread her own, giant ass was filled with the sweaty scent of her past days, and while there was no...leftovers there, it smelled so completely perverted and degenerate. This was her own scent, and if she was not to scare the eager girl away with it, then a massive ring of black, smooth donut flesh presses against the hole, as if it was shaped for it, perfectly filling it, twitching and steaming with this mindrotting scent, while the Zebra has to hold balance and her fingers grabbing into her own ass like vrazy to make this position possible.

Client [3778] Someone was sniffing greedily at the air, detecting something different in the scent, so when the zebra suddenly turned her ass towards the wall, the girl got a set of lungs full of ass-musk, causing her to cough and gag. She hesitates but eventually pulls her face back from the hole, not out of fear but out of curiosity, wanting to see what was going on the other side of the wall, only to watch as a thick set of spread open cheeks surrounding a thick, black asshole guides that donut against and through the hole. "Oh, fuck~" the stranger groans, and though it's mostly lusty there is an edge of disgust in her tone, but soon the zebra's worries of scaring away the girl would be alleviated as she suddenly feels the flat of the stranger's tongue and the huffing of her nose against the rim of that anus, the girl moaning as she tastes the asshole of a complete stranger, dragging the flat of her tongue around in circles around that rim again and again, replacing her ass-sweat with her own drool as the taste makes her mouth water. She then shudders and moans as she slides her tongue up and down over the center of her pucker again and again, pushing her face against her rim, letting the sweat from that greasy donut smear off onto her red-hot face. "Oh fuck I don't believe it~"

  Box  [FCAE] Someone saw the pullback and the bit of light between her legs, already thinking the worst: That she had lost this addict, lost another greedy customer, lost someone who would maybe be ready, but not like this, and maybe... She pushed through it tough, cheeks clenching and that massive hole of a black, perfect shimmering equine donut pushing through. The flat tongue surprises her, makes her squeal out into the darkness of the room behind the wall, and flinch back just a bit, as tears of joy start to wet her eyes. A tongue against her nasty, sweaty ring. A greedy shitter licker, worshipping her onyx ring, and moaning like enjoys it. Her heart was beating so fast, her muscular, usually super steady knees were shaking, and she moaned out of her mind, without any shame, mature grunts of pleasure echoing from her side of the wall as the ring was gently making out with the stranger, closing and twitching under her touch, under her taste, and oh...the taste.
Despite the smell being somewhat rotten, the taste was burning on her tongue for a second, before numbing down into something that was actually quite pleasant. Intense, yes, and still, every lick burned a little, but this was not bad, not...disgusting by any means.

Client [3778] Someone giggles as she hears the stranger squeal out from the feeling of her little tongue beginning to work on that huge pucker that had squeezed through the hole, feeling it wiggle against her face as the equine flinches from the feeling. The girl certainly loves it, enthusiastically licking, either moving her tongue quickly over her donut or taking her time with slow, firmly pressed licks, moaning into her asshole as she hears the equine moaning in pleasure from having that black donut licked and feeling it wink and twitch against her tongue, lips, and face. She groans, feeling the numbing burn on her tongue, wanting more, enjoying that taboo taste as she laps up hungrily at that asshole, polishing it with her tongue and replacing asshole grease with her drool, which there was plenty of from the taste, letting it pool in her mouth until it overflowed down over her lips and down her chin, neck, and the wall itself. She works her tongue back out to the outer rim, licking around that and rubbing her face against her pucker, tongue licking as deep as it can into the crease between her anus and her asscrack. "Am I doing a good job, Miss?"